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Wikicinema is a movie production model, in which, all movie production stages, from screenplay development to shooting and to final editing are done via crowdsourcing, on a wiki web site platform.

As such is chosen open source app MediaWiki, the most mature member of the wiki software family and one of the most versatile web platforms.

The term was coined by electrical and computer engineer and indie filmmaker Ioannis Protonotarios during the summer of 2010 visualizing an open movie production model via crowdsourcing. Protonotarios had just finished a short movie that its production was remotely organized mainly via a blog. Being inspired by the book “Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything” of Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams as well as the potential of MediaWiki software, he decided to produce a feature version of the same movie, this time completely via the Internet, and thus he came up with the idea of Wikicinema.

From 2010 onwards Protonotarios, who is considered the BDFL of Wikicinema, is constantly developing the Wikicinema model.

Wikicinema explained

Wikicinema provides support for all five major stages of movie production:

  1. Development: Ideas - Character development - Screenwriting - Pitching - Seeking of financing
  2. Pre-production: Script breakdown - Storyboarding - Location scouting - Production organizing
  3. Production: Scheduling - Shooting
  4. Post-production: Video editing - Sound editing - Soundtrack - FX
  5. Distribution: Festivals - Promotion


  • An educational knowledge base on cinema

Main features

A Wikicinema platform has the form of a complex ontology scheme residing on a MediaWiki installation with semantic extensions.

Various semantic structures provide different areas with different functionalities such as:

  • a powerful all-in-one editor for simultaneous screenwriting, script breakdown and storyboarding
  • 100% form based interface - all data is entered via Semantic Forms; users need absolutely no special skills
  • easy via semantic queries to:
    • rearrange scenes and sequences
    • filter scenes, dialogues, sounds, locations and other script features
    • create schedules, timetables, reports
    • select images of locations, props, costumes
  • a powerful semantic project management system
  • an actors database (which also serves as a promotional web site for them) with semantic tools for easy casting
  • various discussion areas and fora
  • voting system
  • blogs
  • a colaborating translation tool

In a nutshell, any data entered in any area is readily available to all other areas of production, because any task of any area is dynamically related to every other and thus making it possible to exctract all kinds of results with a few clicks. How many people in scene X? What is the total cost of scene Y? A list of people working in scene Z. A list of all locations of the movie. And so on.

Uses of Wikicinema


The main goal of Wikicinema is to help make a movie 100% via crowdsourcing. So far it is the only tool able to do that.

Remote collaboration

Filmmakers who live far from each other, even if they produce a movie the tradition way, can benefit from the remote collaboration feature. Remember that a MediaWiki web site may be closed to public and accessed by registered users only.


The same aplies here. A Wikicinema wiki may be installed in a company's intranet web server.


Wikicinema is an ideal educational platform for novice, amateur or wannabe filmmakers. It can be used as a step by step guide through all the stages of filmmaking.